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In light of many tragic active shooter events, you may ask what can you do to be prepared in the possibility of an active shooter situation at your workplace. As an employer you need to ensure you have policies and practices in place so employees feel comfortable reporting their concerns about other’s behaviors. Employees may see the warning signs, and there should be a system in place for workers to openly and honestly report unusual actions so that it can be investigated.

The first thing an employer can do is address company culture. Employers should create an environment where employees are comfortable talking about their concerns whether about co-workers, former employees, family members or acquaintances and should be prepared to act on those concerns. Secondly, employers should examine their facilities physical security, design a preventative communication/strategy plan, review all entrances and exits, inquire about swipe-card access, create an office map of where people sit, bullet-proof glass and many other safety persuasions that are appropriate for the dynamics of your workplace.

Thirdly, employers should train their supervisors and have safety drills. When a violent incident occurs at the workplace, there should be a procedure for employees to follow. This should be more than just a workplace violence policy in your handbook. Most companies are conducting a fire drill at least once or twice a year. We suggest the employer also conducts a workplace violence drill. When conducting these drills try to inform your neighbors of any upcoming drills, to not unnecessarily alarm other businesses.

To assist you in making your workplace a safer place, we have pulled together a few resources below.
Active Shooter Video– Run, Hide, Fight
Homeland Security -Active Shooter Preparedness Program
Dublin Police Department If you would like Active Shooter Training in the Dublin jurisdiction for your business or facility, please contact Sgt. Tim Hosterman at  or by calling 614-410-4805.