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October 15 is coming up fast… Yes, it’s that time of year again, the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is rapidly approaching. It runs from October 15 to Pearl Harbor Day (December 7, for those of you under the age of 50). You can sign up for or change your Medicare Advantage or Part D plan. Email or call Ty with questions or to make a change or 614.389.5755 x 112.

As if I thought I hadn’t heard everything yet… Walmart has started offering Medicare health plan options, the retailer confirmed. The company has been somewhat enigmatic about its newest venture. It did not put out a press release, but rather posted job openings for Walmart Insurance Service, LLC on its career site. I wonder if these insurance plans are made in China, but labeled “Assembled In America”?!

Bye, bye Medicare Supplement Plan F, long live Plan G! Since 1/1/2020, Plan F is no longer being sold to newly eligible Medicare beneficiaries. If you have one, you can keep it, but, have you noticed that premium starting to skyrocket? If your health allows, we can get you into a much less expensive Plan G. Think 10% to 30% less. It’s EXACTLY like Plan F except in one respect, with Plan G you pay the $198 Part B deductible. That’s it, the only difference…