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Yoga Classes Begin at Boys & Girls Clubs!

Three instructors who recently completed their certification at Balanced Yoga Studios in Clintonville have started leading biweekly yoga classes for our members at the Pheasant Run Club! They are intentional about teaching not only the core positions and practices of yoga, but also some life lessons and secondary benefits as well.

Susan, one of the instructors, recalls that in addition to the fitness benefits of yoga, gratitude and service are also key principles of the style of yoga that they teach. “Going out into the community and teaching yoga is part of practicing it.” she says. One of the other teachers, Halden, says that she sees many opportunities for young kids to use this practice in their everyday life and that, “You’re never too young to learn!”. Halden explains that the youth will learn to focus their breathing during a stressful exam, quiet their mind in a conflict, and use encouragement from their peers to challenge themselves to grow. “Yoga is an intense exercise, but it’s non-competitive and focuses on individual performance rather than a team. Everyone wants each other to succeed” says Halden.

Halden Sabri is an account manager at C&A Benefits Group.

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