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We’re excited to unveil C&A Leadership Academy, a brand-new, information-packed workshop.
For some reason, we assume that people who know how to do their job well also know how to manage others doing their job. It doesn’t work that way.  Managing people is not intuitive, it’s a skill! If you want a great manager, invest in them!

Session 1 – Tuesday April 16th – How to Influence & Motivate Your Team – 9am – 4pm 


  • Behavior and Mindset – An insight into the mindset needed for effective leadership and management, including how to manage and engage cross generational workforces, in particularly, the millennial culture. An overview of the behavioral patterns running through your business, and how by understanding these you can adjust own behavior and positively influence the behaviors of the team.
  • Relationships – How to build trusted, effective, collaborative relationships with staff, and clients, at all levels.
  • Communication – How to communicate with clarity and consistency, provide feedback in a timely, measurable and authentic way, and ultimately tailor communications to the individual receiving it.
  • Change Management – How to drive positive, effective change, both with individuals, and business wide. Tools and new learning to develop the team to spot and address resistance to change.

This training is delivered in two group sessions with a maximum of 16 attendees, and a mix of learning through 1-2-1 delivery, breakout practice sessions and peer learning.

Also included, is a 90 minute 1-2-1 zoom call scheduled in June, to give you 1-2-1 access to your trainer and do more of a deep dive into your own individual challenges with your team and business.

Session 2– Tuesday August 27th – How to Drive Higher Levels of Accountability & Productivity- 9am – 4pm


  • Conflict and Difficult Conversations – Tools to manage negative conflict, in order to drive positive conversations. Knowledge and learning around conducting difficult discussions, including areas like mental health awareness. A suite of tools for healthy relationship development, both internally in the team, and externally with clients.
  • Accountability and Ownership – How to drive commitment and follow through that foster’s accountability and ownership, both in management roles and with the team. We will explore effective methods and tools for carrying out effective 1-on-1s and driving consistency across the business.
Early Bird Registration by March 1st $1299
$1500 if registered after March 1st
Sessions 1 & 2 will be held at the new C&A office:
475 Metro Place South, Suite 210, Dublin
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