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Monday night, NBC Nightly News reported on “sticker shock” resulting from
the ACA, as many Americans learned this week that “they must buy new policies
that cover more but cost more as well.” NBC’s Peter Alexander explained that
“one of President Obama’s key selling points for the new healthcare law” was
that, “If you’ve got health insurance, it doesn’t mean a government takeover.
You keep your own insurance. Keep your own doctor. If you like your plan you can
keep your plan.” Alexander went on to report, though, that many are finding
that’s not the case. Moreover, the fact that “millions will lose or will have to
change their individual policies is not a surprise to the Administration.” As
NBC News Senior Investigative Correspondent Lisa Myers found, “buried in the
2010 Obamacare regulations,” was “language predicting ‘A reasonable range for
the percentage of individual policies would terminate is 40% to 67%.’’”