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Many companies in Ohio are struggling to find entry-level to skilled employees in Manufacturing, Construction and other industries. At C&A, we believe “thinking outside of the traditional employment box” is necessary for success.  The opportunity of employment  of low level offenders maybe your answer to employment, expansion and retention in Ohio.  Upon hiring low-level offenders, your company can earn federal and county tax credits.

Please join us Thursday, February 4 for a half-day workshop:


We will keep it informative, engaging and simple.  We just need YOU to show up with an open mind!

When: Thursday, February 4.  8:30 a.m. to 11:30.

Where: Hope City House of Prayer, 3330 El Paso Drive, Columbus  43204

RSVP:  Limited space.  Enrollment deadline is January 22.

Please click on the link below to take a short survey.  Your information is confidential.  Our staff will only use your replies for the workshop preparation and possible assistance with employment opportunities.